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First Commission Portrait That Got Me Nervous

I was so excited when I learned that I'll paint on a large canvas for an art commission project.

At first, to prepare a proposal for my client, I have browsed through different websites and platforms to find out the themes and style. The first painting is for the living room, which is half outdoor with a staircase leading up to the second floor. It will be the first painting visible to anyone entering the house, thus, it has the mission to set the mood and ambiance.

Once the client approved the portrait concept, I immediately ordered the canvas and prepared all the other materials. Portrait painting is kind of complicated and tricky sometimes, as Picasso style is not my art approach, mixing skin color will play a big part and I have to make sure it is artistic at the same time to meet the client's expectations.

I have to familiarize myself with the painting first so here it goes with the small version of the portrait. I've taken a day to complete this version - learned the color and contrast, tried some "pretentious" creativity, which I remove in the big canvas painting later, and found out what changes I could make to improve it. I believe this practice can take away some redundant time spent on amending the painting.

I have to say, jumping from small canvases to a big one has given me such a huge sense of satisfaction. It somehow feels like a therapeutic exercise that silence my mind while watching ever inch of the canvas filled with colors.

Completed 100x140cm

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