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First Commissioned Art That Made Me Nervous

I was thrilled when I found out that I would be painting on a large canvas for an art commission project.

To prepare a proposal for my client, I explored various websites and platforms to gather inspiration for themes and styles. The intended artwork is tailored for the living room, portraying a half-outdoor setting with a staircase ascending to the second floor. Positioned as the primary focal point upon entering the house, it bears the responsibility of establishing the overarching mood and ambiance.

Upon the client's approval of the portrait concept, I swiftly placed an order for the canvas and assembled all the essential materials. Portrait painting, marked by its complexity and challenges, is particularly demanding. Also, achieving the right mix of skin colors becomes crucial, requiring a delicate balance between artistry and meeting the client's expectations.

art commission

As I need to familiarize myself with the painting first, I began with the small version of the portrait.

I dedicated a day to its completion, immersing myself in the nuances of color and contrast. During this process, I experimented with some "pretentious" creativity, a practice I later refined when working on the larger canvas. This initial exploration allowed me to identify areas for improvement, ensuring that I could make informed decisions and ultimately save valuable time that might otherwise be spent on redundant amendments to the painting.

art commission
Completed 100x140cm

I have to say, transitioning from small canvases to a larger one has given me a tremendous sense of satisfaction. It somehow feels like a therapeutic exercise that quiets my mind while I watch every inch of the canvas fill with colors.

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