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Make Your Profile Photos Stand Out

Are you so keen on getting the best profile picture? And are you obsessed with how your friends can get so funky profile pictures? Do you click hundreds of pictures to get the best one for your Facebook profile picture?

No need to worry now!

Now you can get a magical profile picture that would force everyone to look at your social media account. You must've heard the phrase, “the first impression is the last impression”, and that's exactly how Facebook profile pictures work because when a person takes a look at your profile picture, he or she gets a brief idea of what kind of personality you have. Your profile picture also reflects your creativity and your overall vibe.

Many apps can help you in editing your picture and making it perfect for your profile. By using these apps, your profile picture will be so eye-catching that it will surely impress your classmates, colleagues, boss, friends, roommates, family, or everyone on your list.

Apps To Help You Take An Ideal Profile Picture

People around me are using beauty camera app to improve their appearance in the photos, and I guess that is because a good profile picture is a must for everyone. If you want to bring your profile photo to another level, there are many to create unique profile pictures.

Canva: Create Custom Covers The Easy Way

This app is perfect for people who want more control over how their profile pictures look. Canva is a free online graphic designing app, that provides you with different, fun templates and allows you to make a custom cover photo for your Facebook profile.

It's very fun for people who like to be creative with their profiles, and for the people who want a more professional or sophisticated look for their profile, this app does that too.

Facetune2: Profile Picture Editor

If you want to show off your best to your peeps on Facebook, utilize Facetune2, an excellent profile picture editor that edits your photo with tremendous features for free. You can do typical beauty treatments such as skin smoothing, teeth whitening, red-eye removal, and more with just a few taps. Facetune2 also has an unusual feature that allows you to rearrange your jawline or face if you wish to seem different.

You can improve, retouch, delete, and even apply cool photo effects to your image, with all of the required tools at your disposal. It also combines two photographs into one, blurs the background, adds filters and frames,s and so on.

Profile Overlays: Add A Filter To Your Profile Pic

If you’re not already familiar with Facebook’s temporary profile picture policy, it allows you to change your profile picture for a limited amount of time. This policy resulted in a visible rise in the number of filters people use for their pictures. Some of which are already provided by Facebook, but you can find much more on Profile Overlays along with some fascinating overlays that will make your Facebook profile look interesting.

Oil Portrait Paintings

I have an oil portrait painting as my profile picture for social media, and I love that!

I have used bold colors to paint myself, and it looks very different from my other portrait paintings. As I didn’t pay too much attention to accuracy but creativity, my family and friends have different views about my self-portrait, and meanwhile, I can have the physical portrait framed up and hang on the wall.

This option is totally ideal for people who like to give their profile pictures a brand new look - classy, beautiful, creative, and completely authentic.

You can get yourself a custom-made oil self-portrait and use it as a profile picture for social media accounts. It will give your social media account a more mystical look and make people wonder, who is the real person hiding behind this painting? Besides, you have the freedom to display the physical painting at any corner of your house.


It has become a norm that people recognize us through profile pictures on social media, and the photos represent us in every way in terms of personality and appearance. Mobile phones’ technology offers personalized emojis that provide customized appearance to cater to everyone’s liking, and of course to better depict different faces. On the other hand, custom-made paintings offer great portrait depictions that one could have to celebrate life.

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