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Hi, I'm Sok Han

I’m a portrait painter based in Singapore.

My greatest passion lies in painting portraits because creating a portrait on canvas is a deeply fulfilling experience for me. 

My Story

My interest in drawing began at a young age, and I remember drawing the Prime Minister - Mahathir Mohamad, when I was 12 years old, and I received a token award from my kampung’s community. Growing up in a traditional Chinese family, compliment may be scarce for my drawings but I remember nobody discourage me from doing what I like. 


As someone who has loved drawing portraits since a young age, painting portraits is a truly magical experience. I spent much of my teenage years honing my skills, and later picked up the hobby again after working full-time. 

sok han home studio

With so many years of practicing, I gradually learned that a good portrait painting is not only about capturing the physical likeness but also conveying a deeper understand of the personality, emotions and character. This discovery makes me want to explore more about portrait painting through consistent practice.


Throughout the various stages of my life, I have been engaged in sketching, drawing, and scribbling purely for the joy of it, with no inkling that I would eventually offer portrait painting as a service to others.


Despite the significant energy, focus, dedication, and hard work required, I derive immense joy from portrait painting. I have been fortunate to learn from some outstanding art teachers, and I relish every moment spent creating a painting.

sokhanstudio portrait painting

I am Art Instructor

Having dedicated a significant portion of my life to the joy of painting, I am excited to share my passion and expertise with the students at My Art Space. My journey in the world of art has been a labor of love, and I am eager to foster creativity, inspire budding artists, and cultivate a vibrant artistic community here.

Check out my profile @ My Art Space

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