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COVID Made Me Rethink Life

When working from home became the norm in my everyday life, my lifestyle transitioned from being rigid to flexible. If it weren't for the Covid-19 lockdown, I wouldn't have started learning portrait painting on my own.

home portrait studio

For over 10 years, I worked in offices, engaging with different co-workers, socializing at various occasions, and meeting clients to earn a living. Typically, personal time was only available after 6 pm since I started working full-time. It was a stable life with a steady income, but little excitement aside from occasional vacation plans.

However, when Covid-19 swept the world, like many office workers, I transitioned to working from home, allowing for a more flexible schedule. The pandemic lockdown prompted me to realize that life holds much more than just a stable job and income. One fundamental skill we often neglect due to the daily 8-hour office commitment is cooking. Many of us opt to eat out, using the lack of time as an excuse, and compensate for our workday with extended hours of relaxation. Fueled perhaps by the memory of my deceased mother, I started cooking almost every day during the lockdown, developing a newfound appreciation for healthy food.

Moreover, I discovered a waning sense of joy and satisfaction in my workplace. If everyone were no longer confined to their offices, with the façade of busyness, there would undoubtedly be numerous opportunities to explore life beyond the confines of the workplace.

Life Transition

work from home

My transition from full-time to part-time, eventually leading to freelancing, undoubtedly caused some distress. The adjustment was gentler on my lifestyle than on my wallet, but that doesn't mean I can afford to be unproductive, as my income now relies solely on the number of working hours.

Effective time management is crucial. I meticulously plan my 24 hours with flexible schedules, keenly aware of every minute spent to ensure high productivity. I complete my work and make time for my passion, painting. Additionally, by skipping dinners out, movie outings, or aimless strolls in shopping malls, I have found more time to read numerous books. Making my coffee and tea at home not only tastes better but is also more economical than purchasing them from a coffee shop.

Given the restrictions on physical art classes, I've maintained my painting routine at home. Fortunately, I derive immense joy from painting, akin to a child, and witnessing my progress over the past 1-2 years.

How have you adapted to the changes brought about by this pandemic?


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