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Let’s Be Honest: Painting Life Can Be Unfulfilling and Painful

As amazing and wholesome being an artist is, it sure has its ups and downs. As an artist, there are times when we begin to question ourselves and start wondering things like: " Is my art worthy or am I good enough?"

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from Sarah's Scribbles

And if you are one of those artists, then you'll be relieved to know that hating your art is surprisingly common in the world of great artists, not to mention newbies like me. My experiences told me that even though I found my painting not reaching up to my expectations, and I always found something to be improved, other people have completely different views from mine.

Why Should You Embrace Your Art?

Try to think of it this way, you won’t try to improve your art until you find some faults in it.

artist life

Hating your art means your brain is maturing and learning new things about art, and you think your art sucks because now you can see the errors in it that you weren't able to detect before, which means that you’re growing out of your nest and you need to fly to explore new things.

As an artist, it's your right to explore new things. So the next time you think: my art sucks! Try to remember that messing up is a good sign which means that you’re experimenting and exploring ideas. Making mistakes indicates that you’re leaving your comfort zone and trying to learn something new, which again, is a very good thing.

Too Much Good Things Are Bad Things

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There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be better, but going crazy while trying to do so is completely off the table. You need to understand that art doesn’t need to be perfect. Everything is art. Do what makes you happy because it's not always important to be the best.

You’re meant to enjoy art, not stress about it. Don't be afraid to try new things, explore your mind, make mistakes, have fun, and learn from your mistakes. Perfection may be satisfactory, but it's not always fun.

Artists are known for expressing their creativity even if they have to test their boundaries for it. Working too hard while trying to achieve perfection will only make you stress more, and in some cases, it will make your art dull.

Don’t get it wrong though, because this doesn't mean you should keep making mistakes and not try to improve, it simply means that you don't need to be so hard on yourself.

Reverse Engineer - to feel better about my artpiece.

artist life

Ending Note:

To sum it all up, everyone who loves art should just enjoy doing it including making mistakes. And just because you messed up a few times doesn't mean you're not a good artist. It feels better to enjoy the process, and our efforts will pay off, and we will improve. Painting is a journey of learning, creating and sharing, it is entirely different from working on numbers because it can be very subjective in the eyes of the beholder.


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