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Portrait Photograph vs. Painting: What's the Difference?

The last time I checked, a corporate headshot in Singapore costs between $280 to $350, with an average hourly charge of $220 for a portrait photographer.

portrait photo vs painting

On the other hand, many may not realize that creating hand-painted portraits is a time-intensive process that can span days or even months.

Despite the hours invested, the basic cost calculation must encompass materials like oil paint, canvas, mediums, thinner, brushes, etc., which are relatively on the higher side.

So, it got me thinking, what should be the appropriate pricing for a hand-painted portrait?

Painting artists and photographers encounter distinct challenges in creating profound and satisfying portraits for clients, with both aiming to encapsulate the subject's personality.

For photographers, critical considerations involve venue setup, equipment, and additional services like makeup and attire for client convenience. Post-editing becomes an inevitable step to refine and produce the best portrait outcome.

On the other hand, the work scope for a portrait artist extends beyond painting skills. Crafting a truly captivating painted portrait requires more than reproducing a photograph. As a general rule, a painting artist needs to comprehend photography principles such as color, contrast, and depth, as a stellar headshot lays the foundation for a distinctive painted portrait. Furthermore, capturing expressions and personalities through painting demands immense focus and hard work.

Both photographs and paintings garner significant appreciation over time.

As the saying goes, "Everyone loves a good portrait. We love to draw them, look at them, and wonder about the person in it."


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