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Art Excursion: Rediscover Malaysia Through Sketch Book

Malaysia is a fascinating place, and as a Malaysian myself, I can vouch for its charm and allure. Despite missing the delectable Malaysian cuisine and the warm hospitality of its people, I find that I only return to my homeland once or twice a year.

Recently, I embarked on an art excursion with Chankerk that rekindled the nostalgic feelings within me. Our journey led us to Kluang, a place I had never been to before. Surprisingly, despite the unfamiliar locations, everything felt strangely familiar. Perhaps it was the shared essence of being in Malaysia that resonated with me.

Art Excursion

night sketching at the street

Being a Taurus, I hold food in high regard, and this trip finally satisfied my cravings for Nasi Lemak, Durian, and the traditional Kopi served in local coffee shops. I must admit, if I were to stay in Malaysia, I would happily indulge in Nasi Lemak for breakfast every day, with an occasional switch to Prata for some variety.

Reflecting on the art excursion, the most valuable lessons I took away from this art excursion was about sketching. Chankerk introduced us to a technique where we sketched without breaking the lines, allowing our hands to follow our emotions and perceptions.

Ink pen sketching in Kluang, Malaysia
Nocturne sketching in Kluang, Malaysia

I apply this method to portrait sketches, and it has profoundly impacted my style. I’m really happy with the transformation. Sometimes, all it takes is a gentle nudge to inspire those who are eager to explore and absorb new teachings. I believe that approach learning with an open heart fosters ingenuity and opens up endless possibilities in the creative process.

Portrait sketching in pencil

I’d love to escape Singapore sometimes for a change of mood but mindless travel purely for food and entertainment no longer holds the same excitement. Instead, an art excursion feels like the perfect fit for someone like me. Carrying a travel journal or sketchbook will not only add meaningful touch to the journey, what you have created in the papers will last a lifetime.

My Travel Sketchbook For A Family Trip

For me, it's natural to forget the taste of food, the sightseeing, and many other wonderful experiences over time. So, preserving those interesting details using a sketchbook makes a good sense for me.

How to do it? Carry the sketchbook with you everywhere and seize every resting opportunity to record your memories. At the end of each day, when everyone is back at the hotel and chatting, take some time to review your photos and compile the activities of the day while the memories are still fresh.

Travel Journal, Travel Sketchbook

Pencil sketching for travel sketchbook

To enhance your travel journal, consider using a polaroid camera, which will instantly print photos to add to your sketches. I was lucky that my niece was carrying a polaroid camera. Alternatively, you can make use of vending machines that print photos from your smartphone, allowing you to include more memories and emotions in your journal.

By combining sketches and photos, you can create a captivating travel diary that will keep your cherished experiences alive long after the journey has ended.


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