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The Harvesters, 1565, 119 x 162 cm

This is a painting of Pieter Bruegel, a famous painter among the great European artists of the 16th century. He is also a very important draftsman. Many of his works weren't focused on the heroes of religion or ancient mythology or history but on the common folk.

This painting - The Harvester, is very delighted to look at. As a layman to appreciate art, I can’t help to notice the sweetness and vibrancy in this painting. By depicting the peasants’ daily lives during hay harvesting, it feels like a breeze watching a group of them taking a break under the tree to eat and drink, and one is napping. I think many people have the same experience of seeing peasants depicted as bitter and miserable in paintings, or they looked like they worked too hard to earn a living. On the contrary, in this painting, they looked exceptionally uncontaminated and pure. I think this painting is absolutely charming with its vibrant golden yellow color, and for a long time, my gaze was unable to move away from this painting. To articulate why this painting is amazing, many professional art curators and artists would respond according to their opinions or their knowledge from art history books. However, sometimes we just need to appreciate art with speechlessness.


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