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Building Confidence Through Sketching: The Pencil Before Brushes

When I first started my journey in portrait painting, the fear of making irreversible mistakes with a paintbrush was a significant hurdle.

That's when I discovered sketching – it became like a safety net for me. With the freedom to explore lines, shapes, and proportions, sketching allowed me to gradually build confidence in capturing the essence of the subject before diving into the painting part.

And you know what's cool? The more I sketched, the more I noticed the little details in people's faces and expressions. It's like sketching trained my eyes to see things better. When I finally picked up the paintbrush, I felt more sure of myself, and my paintings turned out more lifelike because I could capture all those tiny nuances I had practiced in my sketches. So, sketching isn't just a warm-up – it's like superhero training for your artistic skills!

Daniel Craig Pencil Sketch
Daniel Craig Pencil Sketch

I select this photo of Daniel Craig because he has the "James Bond" coolness when facing the media.


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