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What Millennials Think About Art?

Gen Z may be a step ahead of millennials when it comes to the latest technologies, but when it comes to art, millennials are way ahead of gen Z.


The new generation has a completely different view regarding art when compared with that of people born in the 1980s-1990. How so? Because the concept of art has changed so much since the 90s.

Art is supposed to resonate with history, emotions, and the meaning behind it. New generation (Gen Z) mostly explores the art in digital world without much understand of its connection to the history, whereas millennials focus on the history, meaning, and effort behind the art they choose. They are attracted to the moral value of art rather than the market value. Art is something you’re supposed to connect with and is way more than a piece of decoration, and millennials understand this.

What Is A Millennial's Perspective About Art?

Millennials offer a huge market potential for art dealers found in galleries, auctions, etc., and when compared to other generations, millennials have brought a new meaning and perspective to art.

If you dig deeper into the art verse, you’ll notice a prominent change in the last five years. But ever thought about how millennials have transformed the world of art into something that still holds on to the morals of the great artists from the past but in a little more modern and advanced way. The key is to use the latest resources to discover art, and then utilize it according to your likings and make it more remarkable.

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How Did The Internet Influence Millennials?

For example, if you take a look at the Hiscox online art trade report from 2019, you’ll come across a surprising revelation that states that 80% of art buyers use Instagram to discover new artists and the art they like. Millennials have a more optimistic view towards art because back then, they had different values and beliefs, they know the factors that are required in a good art piece.

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Millennials like to express their activity and explore their options. For example, according to a survey, 23% of millennials have never bought art from galleries because they choose to shop online, moreover, 79% of millennials said they like to purchase art online because it gives them more options and a clearer view of the art they want to buy. They choose the internet to not only explore art but also interact with the artists to connect with the art on a deeper level.

Ending Note

Millennials' preference for art could be majorly influenced by social media that provide the most popular and trendy content. These media created the windows to connect people and develop their art sense in the world of art.

And when noticed, there is a huge difference between the art preferences of millennials, Gen Z, and other older generations. Why so? Because of the way art evolved over time. People have different opinions about art, and it is important to remember that it doesn't change the value and meaning of art.


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